About Us

Who are Hushbunny and what makes us different

Our story

Like every project you start with an idea and what better time to come up with an idea is when you’re confined to your house for 23 hours a day (thanks covid).

We’re two childhood friends that always said that one day we will do something together business wise. We wrote a list, checked it twice, threw it away, wrote it 5 more times and then decided we would get into the sex toy business, obviously.  

Never to do things the easy way we decided that we wouldn’t go with the shopify’s or the Wix’s of this world and we would do it our way, make our own mistakes, learn new skills and have a blast doing it. 18 months on and numerous plan changes we’re finally here, Hushbunny is alive and kicking.

The website might be rough round the edges to start with but we aim to make this your favourite place to buy your sex toys.

Hope you enjoy the ride,

Hushbunny xx

Our Promise To You

All our items have been sourced solely from the UK so you can be sure that they are both authentic and safe. Our aim is to create not just a sex shop, but a sex community offering a safe area to shop and discuss experiences and desires with other like minded people. All items will be delivered discreetly using Royal Mail 48 as standard.



Co - Founder


I’ve always had a passion for technology and business and Hushbunny has allowed me to explore both. Although it has been a steep learning curve I’ve enjoyed building this website from scratch and explore new things regarding website tech.

I found that there isn’t a huge selection of sex toy websites in the UK and most of the others have been built using the same generic templates, so we hope that this will set us apart from the rest. 

  • Customer service experience 95% 95%
  • Web development skills 60% 60%
  • Energy left after building this 35% 35%
  • Desire to make this the best uk sex site 100% 100%


Co - Founder

As a regular buyer of sex toys I understand the excitement you get from searching websites for your next toy, the anticipation of it arriving and the ecstasy when using it. Our vision is to create not only a sex shop but a sex community, we will be launching Hushbunny Chat which will allow users to create their own profiles, create forums and share direct messages.


  • Customer service experience 85% 85%
  • Web development skills 15% 15%
  • Energy left after building this 50% 50%
  • Desire to make this the best uk sex site 100% 100%
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